Enhance Outdoor Living Design with an Outdoor Kitchen

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Sunny days at the Jersey Shore are an invitation to embrace the lifestyle of outdoor living.Taking in the fresh air and sunshine, relaxing by the pool, enjoying a cozy conversation around the firepit or sharing a meal with friends and family, you don’t want to miss a minute of it. Is living in your outdoor space your favorite part of your day? Then maybe it’s time to upgrade your outdoor living design with an outdoor kitchen. The benefits of this outdoor upgrade make it a worthwhile investment.

An outdoor living space enables you to move beyond the limitations and restrictions of your four interior walls. Any upgrade to your outdoor living design will only increase the pleasure and enjoyment you derive from your outdoor space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

This is an ideal upgrade to your outdoor living design as it will provide can provide aesthetic, recreational, practical and financial benefits.

Enhance Outdoor Living Design with an Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

Too often when hosting summer parties and gatherings, the host ends up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Your guests are outside having a great time mingling and socializing while you are either stuck in the kitchen cooking or running back and forth making sure everything your guests might need is available to them.

An outdoor kitchen will keep the host in the middle of the action and keep everything you need within reach. This will allow you to share your results of culinary skills with your guest without leaving the party.

Keep Your Home’s Interior Cleaner

Not only will adding a kitchen to your outdoor living design allow you to spend more time enjoying entertaining, it will also help make it easier to keep the interior of your home clean. Many homeowners discover that once they have added an outdoor kitchen, they want to do all of their cooking outside.

Cooking outdoors can reduce on the mess and lingering smells that can cling to your home’s interior surfaces and fabrics stick. These odors can linger long after the meal has been prepared and consumed. An outdoor kitchen can also provide easier cleanup than your indoor kitchen, with some areas practically being able to be hosed down.

Keep the Heat Out of the House

Your utility cost typically rise in the summer in an effort to keep your home cool and comfortable. Cooking outside will keep the heat of the the kitchen from making you A/C work overtime. This could result in a substantial savings on your energy costs.

Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Outdoor Living Space

While a barbecue grill and an ice cooler might not be very attractive, today’s outdoor kitchens can be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Just imagine a beautifully hardscaped kitchen area, the sun reflecting off the gleaming grill and refrigerator and an invitingly furnished seating and dining area.

You will want to take the same care as you did decorating your home’s interior to make your outdoor kitchen  a comfortable space for friends and family to relax, share a meal and enjoy each other’s company.

Enhance Outdoor Living Design with an Outdoor Kitchen

Dine Outside Instead of Dining Out

People dine out for a change of scenery and to experience new flavors. While enjoying meals outside, the view is always changing and outdoor cooking provides an opportunity for experimenting with new and exciting recipes.

With an outdoor kitchen leaving you little reason to leave home to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting, think of how much you can save on dining out.

Outdoor Living Design Adds Value

While you might not currently be planning on selling your home, that could change in the future. The upgrade of a kitchen to your outdoor living space could significantly increase your property value.  

A prospective buyer’s perceived value will be increased by this outdoor upgrade when viewing your property, much like a half bath or a pool would. The realtor will have one more feature to add to his checklist when showing your home.

Whether you’re just creating your outdoor living space or if you’re ready to upgrade it with a kitchen or another outdoor feature, David Ash Jr Landscaping Contractors can help. We believe that life and leisure aren’t contained within the walls of your home and have the knowledge and expertise to create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Contact us and let’s start collaborating on your unique outdoor living design.


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