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Dedicated to the safety, preservation and beautification of your outdoor space, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors is versed in the seasonal upkeep and preservation of Jersey shore properties
property management
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Property Management

Seasonal cleanup and maintenance

Our recommended maintenance options and comprehensive property management services include:

Ongoing landscape

Hardscape maintenance

Mowing and weeding

Fertilizing and aerating

Irrigation installations

Repairs and seasonal service

Tree and hedge pruning

Spring and fall cleanups

Snow removal

General contracting

General repairs

Residential security services

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Dedicated to the safety, preservation and beautification of your outdoor space, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors are versed in the seasonal upkeep and preservation of Jersey shore properties.


After surveying your landscape and discussing your maintenance needs, David and his team customize regular property management services to your budget and schedule. Our recommended maintenance options take your property’s size, soil conditions, health and irrigation requirements into consideration, and are designed to safeguard the look, security and longevity of your home’s exterior.


Preserving your Landscape

What if there was a way to frame the astonishing look of your landscape after a new design is installed? Well there is and it is with the property management services from David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors. Without our services your piece of paradise will begin to fade away. Weather elements will pay burden onto your landscape, and your once beautiful oasis will fade into an unmaintained property.


Protect your investment in your landscape design. We encourage our customers think long term maintenance, as it will increase the value of your property. We know the New Jersey environment from the shore to pinelands. We upkeep your landscape and customize a property management plan to preserve your paradise.


Thinking about Placement

In the design phases of your landscape, our landscaping professionals always view each project at large. We are trained to look at the full scope and picture. Every plant, tree, and shrub is placed in an ideal location to receive their appropriate nutrients from the sun. When planting trees, always think of long term. We never will plant a tree that will one day block the sun from shining on your masterpiece landscape.


Plant life is to fill your landscape with an abundance of life and color. Our custom irrigation and drainage solution systems will sustain the life of your greenery and plants.


Learning Your Landscape from the Roots

The benefits of designing a paradise landscape with us and enrolling in property maintenance is we know every shrub, tree, flower that was planted. We learn the growth patterns of your plant life. Our expertise in all various weather elements that New Jersey offers, will determine which plants are best suited for your landscape. Our property management plans will not only stunningly present your landscape on a regular basis, but enhance the abundance of life within.


Committing to Maintenance

Lack of maintenance to your landscape will not keep your lawn beautiful on a regular basis. Here in New Jersey, we are geographically placed where we can enjoy the seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer. When the seasons change over, your landscape must adapt to climate and weather changes. In the fall, trees begin releasing leafs to cover your ground. Winter provides harsh elements that require a more delicate preservation to most plant life. Spring allows plants to blossom and begin to grow, as summer thrives in plentiful sunlight until the seasonal cycle begins anew.


We know the South Jersey environment, and we factor every season into our landscaping designs. Which is why we offer year-long property maintenance. The goal of David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors is to preserve the beauty instilled from our installation every season of every year. Relax knowing a professional property maintenance crew will always be one step ahead with routine maintenance.


Get Started Today

After your design is approved, our team of certified installers, horticulturists and landscape specialists constructs your outdoor living environment using an expert blend of nature and function. The result? Comfortable outdoor living spaces that are perfect for entertaining—and kind to your budget.



Most importantly, our expert designers, horticulturists and skilled craftsmen insist upon honest, client-focused service—and guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what the project size and specifications.

Learn More About Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space

We develop and construct flexible, visionary designs that are compatible with your lifestyle, location and style.