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Plants are the building blocks of beautiful outdoor design. We carefully select greenery will thrive in your yard and enhance your home. Call us today!
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Planting Services

Uniquely define your space

Quality seashore plantings are selected to thrive in the windy, salty LBI bay environment. Greenery options include:

Evergreen trees and shrubs

Deciduous trees and shrubs

Ground-cover and vines

Annuals and perennials

Dunes and beaches

Ornamental grass

Container planting

Bed potting/planting

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Landscapes that Come Alive

Plants are the building blocks of beautiful outdoor design. Weaving trees, shrubs and native seashore plantings into your landscape, we carefully select greenery that thrives in the Jersey shore climate—and uniquely defines your beachfront space. The outdoor landscaping of your home is integral to its exterior appeal. Consider how you want your home to look and feel from the outside before you start the landscaping process.


Since plant variety is one of the most critical parts of a healthy landscape, our team carefully evaluates your design goals and analyzes your property’s drainage patterns, soil types and overall structure. Expertly recommending groundcover, foliage, trees and shrubs to functionally accent your landscape, our horticultural specialists base their plant choices on a blend of size, texture, color, growth habits, water & soil requirements and light/climate tolerance.


Different types of stone, layout, flowers, trees and functional garden areas will give a different look and feel to your home. Do you want the backyard to feel warm, modern, or perhaps a little edgy? You can choose from multiple different types of plants and setup to help your backyard match your style and the entire look and feel of your home.


Stimulate the Senses

What can be more beautiful than the aroma of fresh flowers while walking along a pathway. The fragrance of flowering plants in a visually inspiring garden will connect and stimulate your senses. Whether your sense of smell is strong or work in progress; David Ash, Jr. Landscaping contractors will carefully grow stunning plant life to stimulate your senses.


Greenery Near the Ocean Blue

The sea shore and coastal environments are awe-inspiring to both residents and visitors. Plant life near the sea requires a more delicate service from landscaping contractors. We know our plant life, and we know the New Jersey environments; our goal is to provide your landscape with premiere planting. In addition to beautifying your landscape, we select quality seashore plantings to sustainably thrive in the windy, salty LBI bay environment.

Become one with Nature


Imagine a wonderful summer’s day. You are welcoming along your brick patterned pathway bordered with beautiful plant life. The scent from the flowers touches your nose as you hear the breeze bristling through the tree leaves. Walking into your Zen garden, you begin to rest in the shade provided by the tree. These moments are the purpose of landscape design. Allow David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors customized a landscaping design solution for you to create your own piece of paradise.


Defining Boundaries

Wondering what to do with all that open space? Whether your landscape is amassed with potentiality or limited, David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors can design boundaries to give your yard a purpose. Surrounding your landscape with garden beds or decorative shrubs will create boundaries and define your yard. Trees, shrubs, bushes, and other greenery can set boundaries and privacy from the outside world while setting dimensions or layers to your paradise.


Get Started Today

After your design is approved, our team of certified installers, horticulturists and landscape specialists constructs your outdoor living environment using an expert blend of nature and function. The result? Comfortable outdoor living spaces that are perfect for entertaining—and kind to your budget.


A qualified Jersey Shore outdoor living landscaper can bring experience, a full analysis of the area and make qualified suggestions. In many cases a landscape contractor can be more affordable than a Do-it-Yourself trial and error garden plan.



Most importantly, our expert designers, horticulturists and skilled craftsmen insist upon honest, client-focused service—and guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what the project size and specifications.

Learn More About Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space

We develop and construct flexible, visionary designs that are compatible with your lifestyle, location and style.