David Ash Landscaping Company | Gunite & Fiberglass Pools and Spas
We believe that the most important features of your home’s exterior are those that bring you enjoyment, including gunite pools and spas. Call us today!
gunite pools and spas
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Gunite & Fiberglass Pools and Spas

Custom and Stylish at any size

These unique outdoor features are carefully integrated into your landscape plan and built to include:

Smooth, non-abrasive finish

Variety of colors and designs

Tile borders

Fiber optic lighting

Relaxing cascade


Waterfall features

Efficient cleaning systems

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Dive Right In

At David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors, we believe that the most important features of your home’s exterior are those that bring you enjoyment. That’s why we partner with Hutchison Pools and Spas to make outdoor dreams come true with custom, stylish fiberglass pools and spas of all sizes.


Think Big Picture

A pool is an investment that reaps rewards season after season. Provide entertainment for yourself and your guests in your own back yard. With David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors we will direct the design of your in-ground pool to begin turning your vision into reality. It can never be too early to begin construction.



The possibilities for pool shapes are endless. One could implement the traditional round or oval shape for their design, but “L” and “8” shapes can be customized for you. Whether you have an existing pool, a new pool design is still an option for you.


Looking for the perfect hardscaping design to border your in-ground pool? Our expertise in selecting the right stone, brick, or concrete will best suit your landscape. Together your pool can become the focal point of your paradise.


All Purposes

What can you envision your pool being used for? Do you plan on using the pool for exercise and rehabilitation by swimming laps every morning? Is the pool to become the kid’s everyday destination? Is the goal of your pool design to be relaxation? Is your pool to be the go-to destination amongst your friends and family for entertainment?


We take all factors into consideration for our pool design. If you want a hot tub, grille, outdoor living area, or bar in the design; we can do that too. Our contractors will listen to your plans and being designing the pool of your dreams.


Abiding to Regulations

The design of your pool will need to follow local regulations and rules regarding the size and depth of your pool. If they are children in your neighborhood, the pool may need a safety perimeter. We abide by all regulations and believe safety should not never be skipped in the design process.


Pool Color and Design

You are not limited to the standard blue and green tarps anymore. Today, there are various colors and finishes for your pool design. We can even integrate the color to match the color of your backyard and house. If you are planning for fresh water pool or salt water pool, the high-end architects at David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Company are prepared to service you.


Extend the Season

Relying on the sun to warm the pool depends on too many factors. Are there any tree’s blocking the sun? Does the house cast a shadow on the pool at certain times of the day? Are the nights too cold? Consider a heated pool to take away the hassle. With a heated pool, you have control. You determine the temperature and extend your swimming season.


Surround the Pool with Life

The setting around the pool is as important as the pool itself and will be considered in our design process. Surround the pool with an outdoor living area, grille, bar, or to promote socialization. Looking for more relaxation and comfort than socialization? We can decorate your landscape with plant life to instill peace and serenity.


Get Started Today

After your design is approved, our team of certified installers, horticulturists and landscape specialists constructs your outdoor living environment using an expert blend of nature and function. The result? Comfortable outdoor living spaces that are perfect for entertaining—and kind to your budget.



Most importantly, our expert designers, horticulturists and skilled craftsmen insist upon honest, client-focused service—and guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what the project size and specifications.

Learn More About Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space

We develop and construct flexible, visionary designs that are compatible with your lifestyle, location and style.