Landscape Contractors NJ, Services


Using progressive 3-D design software, our team provides a detailed, lifelike rendering of your home’s landscape, hardscape, lighting and outdoor living features. Adding, shifting and altering design elements with just a few mouse clicks, we produce a full-color, 3-D view of your virtual property from varying perspectives. It’s as if you’re already there, enjoying the peace, solitude and beauty of your beachfront space.


Hardscape features are the non-living elements incorporated into your landscape. Taking care to assess the visual and functional influence of each design element, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors hand-selects hardscape features that suit your home’s architectural style and your lifestyle requirements. Hardscape elements like natural and manufactured stone, brick pavers, cultured stone veneers and Ipe/AZEK decking impact your landscape plan both aesthetically and functionally.

Landscape Contractors NJ, Services
Landscape Contractors NJ, Services


Since plant variety is one of the most critical parts of a healthy landscape, our team carefully evaluates your design goals and analyzes your property’s drainage patterns, soil types and overall structure. Expertly recommending groundcover, foliage, trees and shrubs to functionally accent your landscape, our horticultural specialists base their plant choices on a blend of size, texture, color, growth habits, water & soil requirements and light/climate tolerance.


We believe that life and leisure aren’t contained within the walls of your home. Our exquisite outdoor living environments are designed to enhance entertaining and family time, and range from simple BBQ grills to elaborate dining experiences. After designing your cooking and dining area, we’ll incorporate appliances, connect them to your existing gas and electricity systems—and complete your kitchen package with storage spaces, lighting, weather-resistant countertops and entertainment areas

Landscape Contractors NJ, Services
Landscape Contractors NJ, Services


Carefully selected landscape illumination expands your living space, creates a sense of drama and beauty, highlights unique architectural features and improves security for guests and residents. We’re experts in the science and art of low-voltage halogen and LED technology. Offering turnkey lighting services from design to installation, our team of landscape experts will recommend energy-saving strategies that accent softscape and hardscape elements while enhancing your property’s value.


Devoted to the health and preservation of your landscape investment, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors provides sustainable irrigation solutions that maintain the vitality and longevity of your plant life. Properly installed irrigation systems supply water-saving hydration with deep, even coverage—improving curb appeal and helping your lawn and garden develop strong, resilient roots. In addition to sprinkler systems and water features, our certified irrigation specialists recommend a variety of custom drainage solutions.

Landscape Contractors NJ, Services
Landscape Contractors NJ, Services


Designing and constructing unique structures that enhance your outdoor living environment, our craftsmen are skilled professionals with decades of carpentry experience. Our quality, professional carpentry services improve the look and utility of your landscape scheme while offering shade, storage, seating and weather protection. From awnings to garden fencing, we can build any structure to complete your outdoor living area.


We are versed in the seasonal upkeep and preservation of Jersey shore properties. After surveying your landscape and discussing your maintenance needs, David and his team customize regular property management services to your budget and schedule. Our recommended maintenance options take your property’s size, soil conditions, health and irrigation requirements into consideration, and are designed to safeguard the look, security and longevity of your home’s exterior.

Landscape Contractors NJ, Services
Landscape Contractors NJ, Services


At David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors, we believe that the most important features of your home’s exterior are those that bring you enjoyment. That’s why we partner with Hutchison Pools and Spas to make outdoor dreams come true with custom, stylish fiberglass pools and spas of all sizes. No matter your style or size, our pools and spas are proven to add value to your home, these unique outdoor features are carefully integrated into your landscape plan.


We develop and construct flexible, visionary designs that are compatible with your lifestyle, location and style.

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