Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Perfect Your Hardscaping

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Fall can be the perfect time to install new hardscaping for your backyard, especially when it comes to a new and improved outdoor kitchen. It’s good to avoid hardscaping construction during the summer months because there’s bound to be more outdoor activity going on then. In the Fall, backyard play is winding down and the weather still hasn’t gotten too cold. Installing new hardscaping in the Fall also allows the concrete and brick, or whatever materials it may be, to settle and be ready for use come the following Spring and Summer. The following are beautiful and innovative outdoor kitchen ideas for your hardscaping:

The Complete Island

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, you want things to be convenient. In fact, you want things to feel just as convenient outside as they do inside. So make sure you have everything you need outdoors too, even if this means having two sets of spices. It’ll save you tons of time and hassle, and allow you to be outside conversing with guests while you’re cooking — instead of running in and out. Having a complete island stocked with a grill, a sink, and some storage space down below for pans and silverware can make your outdoor kitchen a fully functional space.

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Food Prep Surface

Your complete island will be even more complete with a food prep surface for you as well of to the side of the grill. Being able to cut up veggies and season your meat in the presence of your guests outside can be such a relief when it comes to entertaining. The extra space can make all the difference to your hardscaping. And you have the choice to make your food prep surface as fancy or as basic as you want.

Grilling Station…on wheels!

If you don’t have enough storage space as a part of your island, or don’t want the added expense of having multiple sets of silverware, try using a grilling station on wheels. This will make cooking and cleanup super easy. Whatever grilling utensils you may need or even some of your food supply can be stored in this little grilling station and then moved back out of the way when you’re all done cooking.

Shelter for the Chef

Remember that weather may not always behave as we would like it too. There will be those times when it rains of the day of a party or gets chillier earlier than we would like. So many sure that the area where the chef is and where the guests are dining is covered. Wooden pergolas can be a great option for some shelter, while others may just want to use a light curtain or fabric. Just be careful that the material is water and weatherproof if this is the hardscaping route you choose to take.

Pizza Oven

If you really want to go above and beyond with your hardscaping, have a professional help install a pizza oven for you right in your own backyard. This can be a great addition to any outdoor kitchen and can bring mouth watering, brick oven pizza right to you! It’s a great idea for parties and get togethers and allows you not to always have to rely on the grill for cooking.

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Hardscaping and Outdoor Kitchen Experts

With the right heating and the right shelter, your outdoor kitchen can be something you can enjoy all year long. Let the professionals help with your hardscaping design and installation. The team at David Ash is an experienced, creative group that will help make your outdoor kitchen area the beautiful oasis you have always wanted it to be. Give us a call today!

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