5 Design Ideas for Hardscaping in LBI

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The summer’s coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy being outside. And where is a better place to be outside than right in your own front or backyard. The key to having an inviting yard is creating an atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing and has a tranquil ambiance. Maybe you’ll choose to read a book on your back patio or cuddle up to a fire around your newest fire pit. And maybe you know what kind of feel you’re going for, but you’re not exactly sure how to get there. Here are some great design ideas for hardscaping in LBI NJ:

Walls that Wow

Open space can be a wonderful thing inside of your house. You may be able to see from room to room with ease, but in your backyard open space may not be exactly what you want. Putting in some walls to surround your yard or to break up your yard can be an easy and beautiful way to get some privacy from neighbors close by. Building some low walls can also be a way to create a little room outdoors where you can sit and talk with friends in private.

Backyards in LBI can also benefit from stone walls because they keep things neat. On top of your wall, you may want to put plants and shrubbery and having a wall there will help keep in the soil and mulch that surrounds your greenery. The stone of your walls will also be a great complement to the green of your grass or the wood of a nearby deck.

Beautiful Backdrops

The small details are usually what can give the biggest effects, and creating beautiful backdrops is a great example of this. What is inside a back or front yard could be spectacular, but what is right behind you? Are those having a conversation with you looking at something beautiful behind you? Draping vines along an outer fence, painting your fence white, or even adding a trellis can all make for great backdrops in your yard. Not all of us have the vision it may take to think up an idea for a backdrop, but have confidence in yourself and your ideas and if you need to, talk to a hardscaping professional for some added input.

hardscaping in Tuckerton, NJ

Easy Edging

Edging, like the walls, can be a great way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy. Along the outside of your grass, you may add some stone or a tiny walkway to separate your yard from a fence. This edging serves a double function as something that is nicer to look at, and will make it even easier to cut your grass without having to run the mower right up against the fence.

Welcoming Walkways

Hardscaping in LBI can be brought to the next level simply by adding a little walkway either up to your front door, or maybe even in your backyard somewhere from your deck to the end of your yard. Walkways create an inviting atmosphere and they can be as dainty or demonstrative as you like. Hire a professional to pour concrete for you to make more of a sidewalk look, or ask advice on just using some bigger stones among the grass to create a path.

hardscaping in Tuckerton, NJ

Decorative Decks

Your backyard deck doesn’t have to be just a structure. Make it something beautiful, make it somewhere you want to hang out. Add some plants, add some decorations. Just because it’s outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t have some of the same pizazz you do inside of your home.
Talking to a professional for ideas, or even hiring a professional to do your hardscaping for you can make the process a lot easier, and a lot less overwhelming! This isn’t a project you have to take on all by yourself. Get some outside advice when you need it. Contact us at David Ash for any hardscaping or landscaping services.

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