7 Fire Pit Ideas to Complete Your Backyard Hardscaping

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Sure the summertime’s beautiful, temperatures stay warm even into the night. But what’s more fun and  more romantic than cozying up by a fire pit in your backyard. Whether it’s just you and your significant other, or you and a group of guests, gathering around a fire can spark some of the best conversation and be a nice way to bring people together without a television and without a phone or tablet. So this Fall, make the setting perfect for an outside fire and hire a professional to help with some superb hardscaping design ideas. Here are a couple you may want to choose from:

Fire Trough

Your fire pit can come in all shapes and sizes, so make yours stick out! Give your guests something to ooo and awe over. A fire trough is a great way to avoid blending in. This rectangular fire pit looks great with a stone base and a lookout over a beautiful view.

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Fire Pit Bowl

Or your fire pit may come in bowl form! This is a beautiful, inventive way to have a good looking fire pit with a high boundary surrounding the bowl. This way no one is getting too hot from the fire; it is very well contained.

Fire Pit/Table Combo

For a more modern look try combining your fire pit and outdoor table into one. You can do this using a large stone slab that extends on one end out a decent ways for its table function, and has a large hole for wood at the other end. It makes a beautiful classic, outdoor look and a nice change from other metal appliances that may be a part of the rest of your outdoor hardscaping.

Fire Pit Under Veranda

The surroundings of your fire pit can really enhance a certain vibe. Some homeowners may want to create a closed in, roomy feel around their fire pit. For these people, try adding a veranda above and around your fire pit. That way you still can feel the breeze, but will be protected with a roof if it ever starts to rain.

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Artistic Tiki Torches

Fire pits aren’t for everyone, but the colder it gets, it’s nice to have some sort of way to heat up your backyard. Tiki torches are a great solution and can be the perfect way to eliminate too many bugs in the summertime. But don’t just buy any old tiki torches. Invest a little more money and find some artsy, creative looking tiki torches to complement the rest of your backyard’s color scheme.

Fire Sculptures

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. And so do tiki torches. Some tiki torches may come in more of a cone look about two feet off the ground. They come in all sorts of material. The basket weave, darker material can be a great choice for a backyard.

Tabletop Fire Pit

For those of you who don’t have the luxury of a large backyard, there are options for you as well! Smaller fire pits exist that can sit atop a table for rooftops of apartments or smaller backyards. They look great and can exude the same warming, cozy vibe you receive with a larger fire pit.

The fire pit is just as important as the seating around it. So when you begin considering what you want your fire pit to look like, think about whether you may want individual chairs, benches, or tables around the fire pit. Create an environment you’ll want to be in every single night. And don’t hesitate to enlist the help of hardscaping professionals who have the experience and the creativity to really make your home special. Call us today at David Ash Landscaping for hardscaping and landscaping assistance!

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