Maintaining Your Hardscape in Toms River, NJ

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Designing and cultivating beautiful scenery around your home is not only hard work but also an investment. It’s an investment for future selling purposes, and an investment for years to come of enjoyment, leisure, and breath-taking views. Like any investment, maintaining your hardscape in Toms River, NJ is important to protect it as time and weather take their toll.

Hardscaping in Toms River, New Jersey experiences all kinds of climates from snow-filled winters, to rainy springs, and hot, dry summers. This time of year, the main hardscaping concerns are those of recovery and prevention from any winter damage and reactive measures to the summertime climate.

Concrete Patios

Patio and decks are made primarily from three different materials: concrete, brick, and wood, all of which need to be monitored as years pass after their installation. Once cracks begin appearing, it’s important to act immediately to resurface your concrete. In these kinds of situations, a simple concrete overlay can be set on top of the existing concrete.  If the cracks become too deep or too wide, resurfacing will unfortunately not correct your hardscaping woes. In cases such as those, it is necessary to first solve the soil foundation issues, and then completely re-pour the concrete for the patio.

Maintain Your Landscape with an Irrigation System


Brick Patios

Maintaining the brick of hardscaping in Toms River also has two options, depending on the severity of the deterioration. If the damage is minor, a brick slip can be used. A brick slip is a brick facade only about an inch or so thick. They are set with mortar to the needed area of the existing brick. For crumbling brick of a patio that is beyond repair, use tools to completely remove the damaged brick in order to replace it with a new full size brick. A similar process of mortar is used with the full size replacement.

Wood Decks

To maintain a wood deck, make sure at least before and after the summer season, to clean and powerwash your deck. Using a sander to remove any splinters from a wood deck is also a good idea in keeping it in top condition. Sometimes wood may deteriorate from weather, animals, and normal human wear and tear. When wood boards become too weak, or not aesthetically pleasing anymore, it is time to replace the boards. Post replacement it may be a good idea to refinish your deck with a stain, to keep the color conforming across the entire deck. This is a procedure that is good to do about every five years to avoid splinters and keep the deck looking nice.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Anytime fire is involved there are lots of precautions to take. The same goes for outdoor fireplaces. The maintenance for the structure of the fireplace is similar to that of the patios, depending on the materials used. Brick and concrete need to be monitored to guarantee that the fireplace has a stable structure.

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Keeping plants hedged and out of the way of the fireplace is also important in maintaining the hardscaping of a home in Toms River, NJ. If too close, these plants can be a potential fire hazard. The flu and chimney clean also need to be consistently cleaned in order to ensure the fireplace as a safe place of enjoyment.

These are just a few of the responsibilities that come with the hardscaping of a home in Toms River, New Jersey. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Not only does this kind of maintenance keep the exterior of your home looking nice and welcoming, but it keeps your family and your guests safe. Whether you need designing, sales, or maintenance, contact us at David Ash for any of you hardscaping questions!

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