4 Expert Tips for Hardscaping in South Jersey

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Hardscaping in south Jersey can take a normal backyard and turn it into a personal paradise. The endless options and attractive features provide you with the opportunities to create the backyard you have always dreamed of. You could create a pool and patio area, an elegant fireplace, cozy outdoor living area and beautiful outdoor kitchens. By combining different materials and colors, you will create a place for friends and family to hang out for years to come.

Creating your dream hardscape isn’t always as easy as you may think. You probably have thought about this for a long time so you have a vision in mind. But sometimes, that vision can’t always become a reality. There are many factors that people often forget about when designing a hardscape for their backyard. Because there are so many options and elements to consider, we’ve outlined some of our best tips for hardscaping in south Jersey.

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Don’t forget about the Landscaping

You shouldn’t just start planning your hardscape without thinking about your current landscape. South Jersey consists of a lot of beach towns and communities. Many houses don’t have a very big yard so it is important to keep every inch of space in mind. Furthermore, if you do have a lot of property you may think you have plenty of room to do what you want. However, you need to pick a design and elements that work with every part of your landscape.

Think About Draining

A very common mistake among new hardscape designs is ignoring drainage requirements. Not having the proper drainage can lead to water build up and cause slipping or even start to ruin the hardscape. Make sure you have the right draining system in place for the hardscape you want to design.

Keep Some Color

You may be drawn to the endless options of stone, concrete and bricks. The elegance they create when put together makes for a perfect hardscape in south Jersey. But don’t forget to add some color. Whether you leave some grass in the area or strategically place plants and shrubs within your hardscape design, make sure you have some greenery. The plants will add some texture and fun to your beautiful hardscape design and grass is good for really hot days or for kids to play on. Make sure to take in details of your lifestyle to decide which type of greenery will best fit with your hardscape.

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Call In the Experts

Hardscaping projects can quickly become disasters if they are not handled correctly. Understanding all of the design elements and how to implement them takes an expert. That’s why you should always contact a designer or landscaper for help. They are professionals in dealing with everything that could go wrong during a hardscaping project. They will help you layout the best design for your property and make sure all requirements are met. If you want the absolute best design possible, you should contact a local landscaping and hardscaping professional for help.

David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors have been hardscaping in south Jersey for over 30 years. They have experience with patios, pools, fireplaces, living areas, outdoor kitchens and more. Whatever you can dream up, they can build. If you want the perfect place to hang out outside with family and friends, contact David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors to get started on your hardscaping project.

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