9 Tips to Designing an Inground Pool in Manahawkin NJ

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You’ve bought your dream home in Manahawkin. You’ve spent the winter dreaming of a beautiful backyard oasis, but it’s hard to dream about an inground pool fitting in what might now just be an open back yard. Here are a few things to consider in the design of your pool.

Dream Big!

Of course, you should have a budget and think about the costs but dream big! An inground pool can be used season after season for entertainment in your backyard. You know what you want, don’t settle for less than that.

Think Custom Shape

Your inground pool could be shaped in a traditional round or oval setting, there’s also the L shape or the figure eight but maybe your imagination or yard merits a custom shape. You can even build an inground pool around an already existing deck or structure. Leave nothing off the table because a pool can be designed to be just about any shape, that’s why it’s a custom inground pool.

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Think About How You Want to Use the Inground Pool

Are you an Olympian who wants to swim laps, or is it for the kids to play outside? Maybe you want a hot tub near the inground pool for relaxation. Is your pool going to be for relaxing with guests or just for you and your spouse to enjoy? Whatever your needs are, be sure to take them into consideration when designing your pool area.

Know Your Neighborhood

If you’re in a neighborhood with children the pool may need to be enclosed for safety. Maybe there isn’t a neighborhood but you want it enclosed. Maybe your yard already has a nice high wall. Your inground pool can be integrated into the already established environment. There might be local ordinances or rules about the size or depth of a pool.

What Kind of Pool Would You Like?

There is more than one kind of pool. Do you want a fresh water pool or a salt water pool? Which would be better for your environment or your backyard?

Pool Color and Design

Pools aren’t just restricted to a simple tarp blue or green. Today, pools come in a variety of colors and finishes. A concrete pool or spa area can be colored differently than a smooth or nonabrasive finish. The design and color can be integrated to match the design and color of your backyard and house.

Think About the Advantages of a Heated Pool

So there are days where you want to go swimming in an inground pool but the day before might have been too cold. The advantages of a heated pool include jumping in the pool on those less than warm days. A heated pool can extend your swimming season.

Think about the area around the pool

Is it designed for relaxation, comfort or socialization? The environment around the pool is going to be as important as the pool itself. If your inground pool is going to be surrounded by exotic plants or if you live in the pine barrens it is going to require a different amount of cleaning than if your backyard is made of stone or seashells. If people are going to be walking around the pool, a grass backyard is going to be different than one surrounded by pine needles. Consider a tile or concrete border around the outside of the pool.

Think about cleaning the pool

A pool is going to get dirty, whether it’s from the people around it, a body of water is going to catch leaves and whatever else the summer wind brings. However, we are in a technological age where there is everything from self-cleaning pools to robot pool vacuum cleaners. Then again, there is the prospect of a person cleaning it. Consider the fact that no matter what kind of pool you get, it will need to be cleaned.

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With over three decades of experience, David Ash Landscape Contractors believe that the most important features of your home’s exterior are those that bring you the most enjoyment. They partner with Hutchison Pools and Spas to make outdoor dreams come true with custom, stylish fiberglass pools, and spas of all sizes.

To start developing your dream lifestyle and backyard, give us a call today.

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