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Living by the beach and enjoying a beach landscape is a blessing only some New Jersey residents get to enjoy. It is a peaceful, tranquil environment, with often a bit milder climates than even a couple miles inland. However, with the ever-present possibility of tropical storms, houses along the beach have to have a structure and foundation that is ready for this type of climate. Many houses along the New Jersey coast are now being raised so that flooding and water damage is less of a fear during hurricane season. The landscape around a beach home also has to be designed with these type of weather possibilities in mind. Certain plants survive in these conditions better than others, some patio and porch designs may exude a more beachy, bohemian feel. It’s just about maintaining the safest, and most aesthetically pleasing exterior for you and for your guests.

Enhancing your Front Yard

For a charming, delicate beachy feel, there are countless landscaping choices to fit the style you’re going for. One quaint idea is to have a stone path leading from the driveway to the front door. Adding a white trellis, draped with vines, can also add a creative, welcoming ambiance. The more greens the better when it comes to your beach landscape. In fact some beach home front yards won’t even have grass; stones act as a replacement. Stones are simply an easier upkeep in this climate, especially for people who may not live full-time at their beach home. This is why adding plants and shrubbery to the facade of your house can be even more essential.beach landscape

Symmetry and Privacy

When planting bushes and organizing your beach landscape, it’s important to remember symmetry. Especially with a front yard, you want passersby and guests to get a centered feel and appreciate that you worked hard for the good of your house and the good of the neighborhood. On the same token, shrubs and added greenery can add some privacy to the front of your home. Not everyone on the block needs to know what show you’re watching on television, so a bit higher shrubs in front of your picture windows can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Dazzling your Backyard

Contrasting the semi- private front, a lot of beach homeowners in New Jersey yearn for an open, inviting view in their backyard with the ability to see the ocean and to feel the breeze. The presence of water in any backyard can add to the environment, even if the ocean is right there! Fountains could be installed in your beach landscape or even little lily ponds scattered among the concrete of your patio. If you want a quieter, more calm feel the lily ponds are a great option for creating the perfect backyard oasis.

A checkered pattern of concrete pavers is a new, hip way to design your backyard patio. It creates a cross-stitching of concrete and grass or stones to give your beach landscape an edgy new look. Among the checkered patterns and the lily ponds, it’s important not to forget plants. And lots of them! Plants do require lots of attention and care, but they can really pull the look of a beach landscape together. There are certain plants that survive better than others at the beach. These include the following: Shore Pine, Pride of Madeira, Purple Fountain Grass, Cardoon, and Geranium Rozanne. These plants are accustomed to certain coastal climates and should absolutely be considered when looking to garden around your backyard.

Beach Landscape Experts

Living near the beach encompasses more than just a view, it encompasses a mindset and a lifestyle. So it’s important to get the best beach landscaping out there in order to fully embrace every aspect of the haven you get to call your home. Contact us today for all your design and landscaping needs!

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