Landscaping Tips – Transitioning From Summer to Fall

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August is here and the summer will slowly start to wane. The transition from summer to fall brings with it last minute beach days, earlier sunsets and gearing the kids up to go back to school. With everything else going on at the end of summer your landscape can often be overlooked, but it needs attention this time of year as well. Summer temperatures and outdoor living can take a toll on your landscape. As the seasons transition, you’ll want to fortify your landscape in preparation for the cooler fall temperatures. Here are some landscaping tips to keep your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs looking great as the seasons change.

Clean Up and Compost

Gather and clear your landscape of any plants, leaves or branches that are dead or dying. These items are great for building up the compost pile but be cautious – not all the plant debris you collect will be appropriate.

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Any plants or branches that have died or are dying due to disease or insect infestation, dispose of them to help prevent either from spreading to other areas of your landscape. Everything else can go into the compost pile for spring.

Give Your Lawn a Little TLC

Summer can be rough on your lawn. The change of season is the perfect time to give it some extra attention. In addition to the summer heat, your lawn naturally experiences more foot traffic with all the warm weather activities. The combination of the two can leave areas looking worn and battered.

First, rake the distressed areas to remove any dead grass and loosen the soil. This will prepare them for fertilization. Be sure to keep these areas moist while waiting for the new growth to begin and take root.

Give Your Lawn a Break

To help keep your lawn healthy through the change in seasons, let it grow a little taller than usual. You can either wait a little longer in between regular mowings or raise the blade on the mower. Never cut the lawn more than one-third of its height to avoid damage.

Grass that is cut too short will allow too much sun to reach your lawn’s roots and cause it to burn. Also, keep your mower blades sharp. A dull mower blade can shred the top of  the grass, leaving it looking ragged and unkempt.

Plant Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs

Late summer is the perfect time to do some planting. Perennials are prime candidates for planting as the seasons change.  Be sure to choose those that are recommended and will do best in your geographical area. Here at the Jersey Shore, late summer/early fall can be a good time to plant beach grasses.

It is also a good time to plant any trees and shrubs you are planning to add to your landscape. The soil is more workable after the summer heat than in early spring. Typically, it will take them until the winter season to take root.

Deal with Weeds Now

Late summer and early fall are the best times to get rid of those annoying weeds. They are germinating during this time, which makes them easier to kill. Weeds such as dandelions can cause havoc on your landscape.

You can use weed killer to take care of them. Sometimes when it comes to weeds, your hands can be the most effective tool. Pulling up weeds from the root will remove the entire plant and can be more effective in keeping your landscape beautiful than solely chemical-based products.

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One of the Best Landscaping Tips

Following these landscaping tips will keep your lawn and gardens looking beautiful and ready for cooler weather. The care and maintenance of your landscape can be a big job depending on the size of your property. If you’re not sure what is best for your landscape or you just don’t have the time, you might want to consider consulting a professional.

Dedicated to the safety, preservation, and beautification of your outdoor space, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors are well-versed in the seasonal upkeep and preservation of Jersey Shore properties.

After surveying your landscape and discussing your maintenance needs, David and his team customize regular property management services to your budget and schedule. Our recommended maintenance options take your property’s size, soil conditions, health and irrigation requirements into consideration, and are designed to safeguard the look, security, and longevity of your home’s exterior. Contact us today and get your landscape ready for fall!


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