Ideas to Enhance Your Inground Pool

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Love the enjoyment and convenience of your inground pool, but feel it’s looking a little bit boring and dated? Your pool isn’t any different from your home. After years of use, you probably want to update it - you might consider adding an aesthetic element, or maybe even two. There are many different elements you can add or upgrade to enhance your inground pool and give it a fresh new look.

Water Features

Installing a water feature is a perfect way to add beauty and a touch of natural elegance to your pool. With the sound of moving water, it can also add the element of relaxation.  

Whether it’s a fountain, cascade, waterfall, bubbler or a water wall, water features have an amazing ability to transform an already amazing pool. They can be designed to create a relaxing escape or a family fun zone.


A spa can be a great addition to your existing pool, allowing you to feel happier and healthier at home. It will create a relaxing area where you can enjoy the invigorating benefits of hot water, a soothing massage and hydro jet therapy.

Spillover spas are popular inground pool enhancements. They are the easiest option to incorporate into your existing pool, typically using the same water circulation system. This allows for the addition to blend seamlessly into your pool’s water and design layout. Spillover spas connect your hot tub and pool with drama and excitement.

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A nighttime swim in your pool can be made even better with creative landscape lighting.  Lighting can create a warmth and ambiance to the pool area as well as added safety.

Landscape lights in a nearby planting bed or down lights placed in a tree can add a warm glow or highlight the outstanding features of your pool such as a waterfall or an attached spa spillover.  

Fire Pit   

The combination of fire and water can create a stunning view. A fire pit at the swimming pool is not only a beautiful visual effect, but will also provide warmth and light to a summer evening pool party.

A fire pit can be placed at a certain distance from a swimming pool or be incorporated as an element of the pool for a greater impact.

Decorative Patio

Your pool has an existing hardscape but it may be showing its age, or it just maybe time for an update. You can replace the existing hardscape with new pavers in an eye catching design. You might also want to add a new level or two, creating a multi-level patio.

You may want to add additional hardscape pathways to and from the house or the outdoor shower. A fire pit added to one of the new levels of your patio can provide an inviting seating area. The adults can gather there comfortably while keeping an eye on the kids while they are in the pool.

Flowers, Greenery and Shrubs    

When done correctly, plantings can completely change the look and feel of the landscape surrounding your pool. Flowers and greenery are a great way to add color, and shrubs will provide an element of privacy to your pool area.

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Landscape lighting can be camouflaged in plantings, adding a subtle ambiance and highlighting your patio and pathways. The fence surrounding your pool area can be dressed up and appear less obtrusive when accented with flowers, greenery and shrubs.

Upgrade Your Inground Pool

Any of these ideas can update the appearance or increase the enjoyment of your inground pool. At David Ash Jr. Landscaping, we feel the setting around the pool is as important as the pool itself. Surround the pool with an outdoor living area to relax in or promote socialization. We can enhance your existing pool and the surrounding space with any of these elements. Consult with us and we can help you decide which enhancement would work best for your inground pool, or if you don’t have an inground pool and are ready to take the plunge, our expert team will work with you to create the pool of your dreams.

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