Inspired Pool Design to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor living has become so much more than new lawn furniture and a few new plants. So you’ve decided an in ground pool would be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Or maybe you’re going to create your outdoor living space with a new pool as the centerpiece. Then it’s time to start thinking about the pool design. Residential pool design is more of an art form than ever before.

There are a lot of things to consider and choices to make when installing an in ground pool. The goal is to bring your family together and enhance your home’s natural beauty while providing fun, relaxation and exercise. Sharing pictures and other sources of inspiration with your pool design contractor will help them to make your dream pool a reality.

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Choosing a Location

Where is the best spot for your pool? This is one of the first and most important decisions to make when creating your pool design. Consider the traffic flow to and from the house as well as the proximity to the house. Do you want it closer so you can see what’s going on from inside? What about sun exposure? Do you want all day sun or maybe some afternoon shade?

You will also want the pool to blend seamlessly into your landscape. Natural surroundings, beautiful views, and privacy issues all impact your location choice. Your contractor will also need to review the location of any underground utilities, such as wells or septic systems. When deciding on a location, keep an open mind to any recommendations your contractor may have. They will have the knowledge and the experience to help you pick the perfect location.

Pool Design – Shape and Style is Key

Once the location has been decided, you will need to decide the shape of your pool. The shape may influence the style of pool you choose as well. Manufactured fiberglass pools offer a wide array of shapes and sizes. In addition you can always add special features like cascades or waterfalls.

Even with all the choices manufactured fiberglass pools provide, you may choose to install a custom designed gunite pool. You might want the shape of your pool to contour to your landscape or maybe you just couldn’t find the perfect shape in the manufactured designs. In working with your pool design contractor, a gunite pool shape can be completely customized, preventing you from settling for the “almost perfect” pool.

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Incorporate Landscaping and Fencing

Remember, fencing needs to be included when designing your pool as a safety measure. You may want to limit the fencing to the perimeter of the pool. Or if your outdoor living will revolve around your pool, you will probably want to extend the fencing to include part or all of your back yard.

Look for ideas in magazines, online, or from television design programs to create a backyard oasis that complements your pool. Inspiration can be drawn from an idyllic vacation spot or a trip to a home and garden show. Incorporating a beautifully designed hardscape to surround your pool will both extend and enhance your outdoor living space.

At David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors, we believe that the most important features of your home’s exterior are those that bring you enjoyment.

We can expertly guide you through the entire process of choosing and the designing the perfect pool for your lifestyle. We will also handle any practical concerns such as permits, building codes and safety regulations.

Whether you choose a stylish fiberglass pool or a completely customized gunite pool, our expert designers, horticulturists and skilled craftsmen guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what the project size and specifications. Contact us today to get started on the pool of your dreams!


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