Why to Choose a Gunite Pool for Your South Jersey Landscape

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When installing a pool in your backyard there are a lot of decisions to be made. One of which is what type of pool you’re going to install. As south jersey landscaping evolves and become more unique, gunite pools have become a popular choice. These pools are made from a mixture of cement and sand. They are customizable making them perfect for any landscape. Here are some reasons why you should choose a gunite pool for your landscape.

Shapes and Sizes

Gunite pools are developed using a rebar framework which is then sprayed over with the mixture. A traditional concrete pool is developed using a wooden framework resulting in only squares and rectangles. Uses the rebar framework allows construction workers to design pools in any shape and size. This can sufficiently help you in designing your landscape. Instead of planning around a large rectangular pool, you can plan your gunite pool of any shape or size into your landscape design. For example, designing your gunite pool in an hourglass shape will leave more room for creativity and add a sense of elegance to your landscape.

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Along with customizing the shape and size of your pool, you will have the choice of many different finishes to compliment your design. The variety of shades and techniques are virtually endless. Pick a shade that matches well with your surrounding area or use pebbles or glass to give your pool a unique touch. These custom finishes will allow you to not only have a beautiful design around your pool but also inside it. Use shades and textures to create shapes and make your pool stand out.

Special Features

Gunite pools are great for adding special features. With their high-end feel and look they pair great with elegant water falls or custom steps. The materials used to make gunite pools are very flexibility. This provides you with many options for add-ons and customization.


Any type of swimming pool is a large investment. That is why you need to make sure that the option you go with will last. Gunite pools have a reputation for being very durable. They have the ability to stand up to many weather conditions and last for years without repair.


As mentioned above, gunite pools are very flexible and can be customized to look any way you want them to. Because of this, the price is also customized and changes for each south jersey landscaping project. The size and style of the pool will be taken into consideration when determining the price. Additionally, any special features you would like to add will also affect the price. That being said, because these pools are so easily transformed to fit your backyard perfectly, they’re worth it. They look great with every landscape and add a level of charm that concrete pools cannot achieve.

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David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors have over 30 years of experience developing beautiful landscape designs. We specialize in building and installing gunite and fiberglass pools and spas. We highly recommend gunite pools to our south jersey landscaping customers as these pools are perfect for any size yard. They also go well with a number of different landscape designs. Gunite pools can help you build your dream landscape. To learn more about building or installing a gunite pool in south jersey, give us a call anytime.

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