Three Tips to Creating a Property Management Plan

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A new landscape looks amazing after installation but years after can look completely different because of changing environment, age, and maintenance. That’s why property owners need to consider a long-term landscape plan that will minimize expenses and keep landscapes looking beautiful for years down the road.

Building a beautiful landscape often takes a decent budget. Employing good property management routines can help you preserve the look and beauty of your new landscape. It’s important to think about the future and possible weather impacts your landscape will endure. By creating a long term plan, you can ensure the beauty and upkeep of your new landscape. These three tips can help you create and maintain a property management plan.

Think About Placement

When designing your landscape, you will likely have an ideal layout of all plants and trees but you may have forgotten to consider a few things. It’s important to remember that the plants and trees that make your landscape look beautiful are also living creators. They thrive on water and sunlight for nutrients. Your ideas for placement may leave some plants out to dry. Make sure flowers and small plants are in a place where they receive plenty of sunlight. If planting trees, think about what they will look like in a few years. Will they block a large portion of sunlight? These decisions will make or break your landscape down the line.

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 Consider Growth Patterns

It’s tempting to picture and plan your landscape with young plants as your landscape will be built with young plants. Understanding how your plants will grow and what size they are when they are fully mature is vital to the success of your landscape. For example, if you plant a small bush or tree in a small area without considering what size it will grow to, you will run into issues. To avoid these issues, make sure you know how large each plant will grow over the years.

Commit to Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t an option if you want your landscape to remain as beautiful as it was when it was first installed. There are many reasons why your landscape will require maintenance. The first is seasonal changes. Every season, new weather comes in and affects your landscape design. In the fall, plants and trees begin to prepare for the winter and leaves fall. In the winter, the ground freezes and harsh cold fronts essential kill most plant life. The spring allows plants to be reborn and blossom. Hot summers call for extra attention and water and then the process begins again. Throughout all of these seasons, the look of your landscape will change. However, with routine maintenance, you can keep it looking brand new.

Additionally, having a maintenance plan for your landscape will allow you to keep plants healthy. For example, if a tree begins to overgrow due to missing a trimming it will block sun from other plants and affect their growth.

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Your property management and maintenance is vital to the life of your plants and trees. David Ash Jr Landscaping Contractors can help you with all your property management needs. For over 30 years we have been designing and building premium landscapes in south New Jersey. Our experience allows us to structure the landscape of your dreams.

We also offer routine property management packages. Now is the perfect time to start cleaning up your property. Spring is here and after a long New Jersey winter your landscape is in need of proper care. Give us a call anytime to get started.

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