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Looking ahead to another season of outdoor living at the Jersey shore, you may be thinking about adding or upgrading your current outdoor space. When it comes to landscaping ideas in NJ, the first features most homeowners think of are plants, pools, and pavers. There are many custom carpentry features you may not have considered that can enhance or even become a focal point of your outdoor space.

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Chain link fence has often been a popular choice with homeowners, but it doesn’t offer the privacy or aesthetics a natural wood fence provides. Many wood fences can shield your yard from the rest of the neighborhood. They can be constructed with different details and stained or painted to complement your landscape and the surrounding environment.

While some may enjoy the privacy of a fence, others may not want to obscure their view, especially if you live by the beach. A lower, decorative fence can be a great way to define the borders of your property without sacrificing the scenery. There are many different styles of fencing to choose from and they can be customized to give them any look you’d like.


The perfect space for entertaining, a deck expands the living area of your home. When the spring and summer seasons finally arrive no one wants to be stuck inside. Just like a room in your home, a deck can be designed with features that make it perfect for your lifestyle. Built in benches can be incorporated to provide additional seating.

A custom deck can be attached to your home making entertaining a pleasure while utilizing both the indoor and outdoor features of your home. An attached deck can give you easy access to your kitchen when preparing and serving food for your guests. If you have an outdoor kitchen, an adjacent deck can serve as a dining area.


When considering different landscaping ideas, a pergola can be an attractive and functional addition to your outdoor living space. This structure consists of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. The pergola can be left open, partially covered with lattice or completely covered with a canopy. If you are using it to provide shade, lattice will filter the sunlight enough to offer a little shade while a canopy will block the sunlight creating complete shade.

A great way to filter some of the sunlight while integrating your pergola into the nature surrounding it is to hang plants from the beams. A pergola can be a freestanding structure situated in the perfect spot in your yard or it can be part of your deck. On your deck, it will give you and your guest a choice of some shade or direct sunlight. On its own, with a bench or a couple of chairs, it can offer a semi-private seating area.


This takes the features of a pergola one step further. A gazebo offers more shade and can be screened in to shield against insects. It can be added to a deck or it can be freestanding, which seems to be a more popular choice. A gazebo can easily become an architectural focal point in your outdoor space, plus it offers additional seating. The charm and aesthetic benefits of a gazebo can be enjoyed all year long just by looking out your window.

Shower Enclosure

Do you love that friends and family can wash off the sand from the beach or chlorine from the pool before they come in the house, but hate the appearance of your outdoor shower? Whether it’s just simple plumbing on the side of your home or a rickety old structure that has seen better days, a shower enclosure is one of the best carpentry landscaping tips. In addition to the obvious privacy benefits, a shower enclosure can be customized to blend seamlessly with your home.  

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Custom Carpentry Landscaping Ideas in NJ Increase Value

There are many other carpentry elements such as gates, arbors, trellises and flower boxes that will not only enhance your outdoor living space but also increase your home’s value. When evaluating different landscaping ideas in NJ, consulting and enlisting the services of a professional landscape contractor will ensure that you choose the perfect custom carpentry feature for your outdoor living space.

With over three decades of experience, David Ash and his team are the Jersey shore’s premier landscaping contractors. We offer a full line of landscaping and property management services. It is not too soon to start planning the upgrades that will take your outdoor living experience to the next level and make the upcoming summer season the best one yet.


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