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Time spent at your beach house is meant for relaxing and quality time with family and friends. While you want your home and landscape to look beautiful all season long, the last thing you want to have is a lot of gardening to keep up. Beach house landscaping on LBI should be low maintenance and blend in with the natural beauty of the Jersey shore. Whether you are redoing your existing landscape or having your LBI property landscaped for the first time, here are some tips to help keep it beautiful without all the work.


Beach house landscaping involves choosing plants that will thrive at the shore. They will need to endure the salt air and sandy soil while blending naturally with the surrounding areas, especially if you have beachfront property. You want to choose plantings that will rebloom or bloom at different times throughout the season. Although it sounds like a lot of planning, working with an experienced landscaping contractor on LBI can make it simple and beautiful. 

Sedum and Grasses

Sedum is a heat and drought-tolerant succulent that pairs well with ornamental grasses. These are perfect for beach house landscaping. They are tough enough to thrive in areas that are primarily gravel and can enhance your landscape through the spring, summer, and into fall. ‘Autumn Joy’ and ‘Autumn Fire’ start out a lush green and eventually bloom in vibrant shades of red in August that will last until October. Grasses add movement to the landscape, and some such as the fountain grass ‘Red Head’ will burst into feathered plumes as summer begins to wind down. 

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Semi-Tropical and Succulents

When planting in window boxes or ornamental containers, succulents and semi-tropical plants that can take the heat are great choices. Euphorbias and Sweet Potato Vines require little more than water and sunlight to grace your landscape with beautiful, long-lasting foliage. They will also provide the added bonus of colorful blooms  Semi-tropicals like Lantana have strong stems to stand up to the sometimes strong ocean breeze and produce neon-bright blooms.

Asters and Goldenrod

These are perfect to fill your beach house landscaping with late-season flowers in August and September. The pink and blue Asters pair beautifully with the soft yellow of the Goldenrod. ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Crowns of Gold’ are hybrid varieties of Goldenrod that do well at the shore, or you can choose those varieties that are native to the area and grow wild.

These are just some of the plantings that work well at the Jersey shore. Rugosa, commonly called beach roses, hydrangeas, and lavender are also good options. An experienced LBI landscaping contractor can guide you in choosing the best plants for your specific location.  However, plantings aren’t the only way to create a stunning landscape.


Patios, driveways, walkways, and retaining walls are great ways to add color and texture to your beach house landscape. Pavers and natural stone surfaces come in a variety of colors and create eye-catching designs that are as beautiful as your plantings. Hardscapes can connect and define different areas of your property. They require little or no maintenance and are designed to blend seamlessly with your home and property.

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Beach House Landscaping Experts

When it comes to beach house landscaping, look no further than David Ash Jr Landscaping Contractors. With over 20 years of LBI landscape design experience, we can create an outdoor living space that complements your home and enhances your lifestyle.

We provide superior landscape design/build services goes beyond hardscapes and plantings. From installing your new pool or building an outdoor kitchen fit for a master chef, we can do it all. Whatever your vision is for the perfect beach house landscape, we have the skills and experience to bring that vision to life. Book a professional consultation today. 


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