Outdoor Hardscape Design – Why It’s Worth the Investment

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From gathering around the fire pit in late spring or early fall to basking in the sun’s warmth all summer long life on LBI is all about outdoor living. Whether it’s to increase your property value or provide you and your family with the ultimate outdoor living space, landscape design is a wise investment. Like many interior home improvements, exterior improvements also start from the ground up. Outdoor hardscape design is the foundation of a beautiful and functional outdoor living space and provides multiple benefits.  

Expand Your Living Space

At one time or another, almost every homeowner has wished their home had more space, especially when entertaining. With professional outdoor hardscape design, you can create a variety of different areas for entertaining from dining to relaxing. It provides a level surface for patio furniture, the pool deck, and outdoor kitchen equipment. Hardscaping makes bringing the indoors out comfortable and beautiful.

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Borders, Paths, and Walkways

Outdoor hardscape design helps to define your different outdoor spaces and ties them all together. Let’s imagine your vision of the perfect outdoor living space includes a spacious patio, chef-quality outdoor kitchen, and an inviting fire pit. You wouldn’t want your family and friends trampling all over your lawn to get from one area to another. 

A complete outdoor hardscape design would incorporate paths and walkways to connect them. However, the hardscaping wouldn’t only be under your feet. Borders and retaining walls could flank the hardscape paths, leading the way from one outdoor element to another. Hardscape structures can also be used to accent and protect plants and gardens. Since outdoor living doesn’t have rooms in the traditional sense, borders or low walls around them can be used to further define each area of your outdoor living space.  

Visual Interest 

Outdoor hardscape design features do more than simply add practical elements to your outdoor living space. They add color and dimension to your landscape. From intricately designed paver and natural stone surfaces to pergolas, gazebos, and other carpentry features, each adds another layer of visual interest. A professional hardscape designer can seamlessly combine various hardscape materials to create the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality while complementing the style of your home.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Wind and rain are common causes of soil erosion and coastal storms bring plenty of both. Good outdoor hardscape design can protect your landscape and help prevent soil erosion. Without hardscaping, in time your backyard could end up being a giant mud puddle. If your property has a  slope or incline, graduated retaining walls can keep soil in place and protect plantings, while increasing visual interest. Permeable pavers will allow excess water to filter through with little or no soil erosion. 

Minimal Maintenance

Hardscaped surfaces such as natural stone or pavers require very little maintenance. Regularly rinsing it off with the hose is all it needs to keep it looking great. Hardscaping can also reduce the amount of maintenance such as mowing, weeding, and pruning needed to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. 

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Maximize Your Property Value

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on selling your home on LBI or not. Every homeowner wants to see the value of their property increase. With outdoor hardscape design, not only will you have an outdoor living space you love but you’ll see a significant increase in your property value. Estimates for the return on the investment in an outdoor kitchen vary anywhere from a 55 to 100% return. Imagine the difference it would make when potential buyers toured your property and saw a stunning backyard oasis that could be their own.

Professional Outdoor Hardscape Design On LBI

Taking care to assess the visual and functional influence of each design element, David Ash, Jr. Landscape Contractors will work with you to select hardscape features that complement your home and enhance your lifestyle. 

We have over 20 years of experience designing stunning outdoor living spaces on LBI and the surrounding areas. Your project begins with a commissioned consultation. With our 3D design system, you will be able to see all the elements of your outdoor living space before we even break ground. Why wait? Book your consultation today! 


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