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LBI is home to about 10,000 year-round residents. However, this number increases substantially when you include the summer residents. The island's population swells to 100,000 or more during the summer and many of those people own a home on LBI. While owning a vacation home can make your time on the island more relaxed and enjoyable, it can be a cause for concern in the offseason when the house is left empty and unattended for months. Hiring an LBI property management company can provide vacation homeowners with peace of mind while they are back at their primary homes.


Even if your vacation home is armed with a security system, there’s not much you can do if you’re hours away. An LBI property management company can be added to the security company’s contact list for your home, making it possible for someone to arrive on-site in a timely manner, check for any damage, secure the property, arrange for any repairs that are needed and contact the homeowner with an update.

Regular Inspections

With all the smart home devices available, you can easily automate your vacation home’s climate control or adjust it despite the distance. But what happens if a breaker trips or the wifi goes down? Your smart home devices won’t be of any use. An LBI property management company will make regular visits to make sure everything in your home is working properly. These inspections can be scheduled weekly or monthly, whichever makes you feel most comfortable. 

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Some vacation homeowners like to schedule inspections closer together to minimize the potential for damage from unattended repairs. Imagine if the heater failed and the pipes froze. Frozen pipes can break and if left unattended for a long period of time, the water damage can be extensive. Hiring an LBI Property management company can prevent your dream vacation home from becoming a repair nightmare. Any damage they discover during inspections can be addressed immediately. They will arrange for any repairs to be completed and keep you updated, so you won’t have to drive for hours to handle it yourself.

Outdoor Maintenance

An unkempt yard with overgrown gardens or an unmowed lawn is an invitation for intruders. It signals that no one is currently living in the house. An LBI property management company will ensure that the landscape surrounding your vacation home is well maintained to give the appearance that the house is inhabited. This will help to discourage any would-be intruders.

Off-Season Get-Aways

Many vacation homeowners like to come to LBI in the off-season for the holidays or just a long weekend. With short visits such as these, who wants to worry about home maintenance? If you only have a few days or even a week, you don’t want to mow the lawn or arrive to a snow-covered driveway and sidewalk. LBI property maintenance will stay on top of general maintenance, so if you can get away for a few days in the off-season, all you have to do is relax.

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Need LBI Property Management?

David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors offer a wide variety of professional landscape maintenance and comprehensive property management services. Dedicated to the safety, preservation, and beautification of your vacation home and outdoor space, we are versed in the seasonal upkeep and preservation of Jersey Shore properties.

After surveying your landscape and discussing your property maintenance needs, David and his team customize regular property management services to accommodate your needs and schedule. Contact us today to make sure someone is keeping an eye on your vacation home on LBI. 


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