The Landscape Design/Build Project – Understanding the Benefits

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Creating modern outdoor living spaces goes beyond traditional landscaping. Today’s luxury outdoor living brings all the indoor conveniences outside. There are a variety of aspects to this type of project. If you’ve ever had any residential construction done, you know it can get complicated when dealing with multiple contractors. Hiring a firm that offers landscape design/build services can simplify the process and provide numerous benefits.

The Design/Build Concept

When you work with a landscaping firm that offers design/build services, every aspect of the project is handled under one roof. You won’t have the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to handle each different aspect of the project. With landscape design/build services, a single contractor executes and oversees each step of the project, from design to completion. That includes pool installation, hardscaping, decking, carpentry, lighting, and of course, beautiful lawns, flowers, and foliage to surround it all. Once you understand all the benefits the design/build process offers, you’ll see that it’s the best way to make the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of a reality.

Design and build landscape

Streamlines the Process

When dealing with multiple contractors, the opportunity for confusion or miscommunication increases. Unfortunately, that can lead to mistakes made, details overlooked, or project delays due to a lack of coordination. With each step of the project handled by a single landscape design/build firm, the entire team will be involved in your project from the initial design to putting on the finishing touches. The project will move along quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor living space that much sooner and without all the hassle. 

Multiple Skill Sets

A landscape design/build firm will have a team with each member skilled in their particular craft. A landscape designer and architect will create a design to seamlessly tie all the elements of your outdoor living space together. The rest of the team will work to bring each of those elements to life. In addition to the expertise each team member brings to the table, they have experience working together. That will also help your project move along smoothly. 

Singular Accountability

When working with multiple contractors on a project, should there be a question or should a problem arise, you could end up talking to three or four different people before getting to the person who can handle the issue. With a landscape design/build firm, that won’t happen. You will have one person overseeing your project. If a question or issue needs to be addressed, it will be done quickly and efficiently. Your project will move along smoothly, and improved communication can prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Landscape hardscape design build

Quality Control

Receiving a quote at the beginning of a project and then being hit with a significantly higher final invoice can be frustrating. However, it can happen when working with multiple contractors. A lack of coordination or miscommunication can lead to mistakes that require additional materials or redoing work. These will result in additional labor and material expenses and extend the length of your project. When working with a landscaping design/build firm, only one person is overseeing the project. This virtually eliminates the opportunity for miscommunication that results in doing work twice.

Expert Landscaping Design/Build Services on LBI

Ready to create the ultimate outdoor living space at your LBI home? David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors offers premier design/build services. We have 20 years of experience designing and constructing some of LBI’s most spectacular outdoor living spaces. Why contact anyone else? We offer complete landscape design/build services, beginning with a consultation and 3D design before we even break ground. Contact us today to book your consultation! 




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