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When planning landscape projects, homeowners have many choices to make. From design to construction, each decision can affect the outcome of the project. One of the most important decisions is who will be overseeing and supervising it all. This is where landscape design build firms come in. 

Design Build Explained

Landscape design build firms are a combination of landscape architects, designers, contractors, and subcontractors that work together under one roof or as part of an alliance to provide total landscape services from concept through completion. This provides a huge benefit for homeowners as it simplifies communication and helps ensure all aspects of the project are addressed during the design process. In addition, these firms usually offer multiple options for customization based on personal preferences and design considerations.  

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Design Build Benefits

When considering landscape design build firms, there are five key benefits to keep in mind: 

1. Streamlined Communication & Efficiency

The landscape design build project model eliminates any potential communication issues between the designer and contractor by keeping them on the same page throughout the entire process. This makes it easier to discuss project details, plan budgets, set timelines, track progress, and make adjustments as needed. In addition, everything from material selection to execution can be done faster since all of the decisions are made in one place.

2. Comprehensive Design & Construction

When landscape design and landscape construction are handled by two separate entities, the homeowner may end up with a landscape plan that doesn’t meet their specific needs or desires. With the design build approach, however, you can rest assured that your landscape design will not only meet your aesthetic goals but also be constructed to the highest quality standards within the established timeline.

3.  Increased Value

Although the cost may not be an issue when creating your dream outdoor living space on LBI, The landscape design build project model allows homeowners to benefit from cost savings due to reduced overhead costs and hiring just one landscape firm instead of two separate entities. These savings can be used for additional features to make your outdoor space even better than you planned This streamlined process ensures planning and installation occur more quickly which will have you enjoying that space sooner.

4. A Team of Experts

Landscape design build firms either have an expert for each aspect of your project in-house or work with a trusted network of contractors and subcontractors who specialize in specific areas such as pools, hardscaping, outdoor kitchens, and more. This ensures that each aspect of the project is handled by an expert who understands the needs of the homeowner and the best way to achieve their desired results.  

5. From Start to Finish

Landscape design build firms handle all the details including drafting plans, obtaining permits, and installation. They take responsibility for all aspects of the project from beginning to end. None of the important details get lost along the way. The end result is a completed outdoor living space that is ready to be enjoyed.

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Are You Searching for LBI Landscape Design Build Firms?

Your search ends here! David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors offers premier design build services. We have 20 years of experience designing and constructing some of LBI’s most spectacular outdoor living spaces. Why contact anyone else? We offer complete landscape design build services, beginning with a consultation and 3D design before we even break ground. Using progressive 3-D design software, our team provides a detailed, lifelike rendering of your home’s landscape, hardscape, lighting, and outdoor living features. Contact us today to book your consultation! 


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