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When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces after the sun sets, the importance of professional landscape lighting cannot be overemphasized. In addition to casting an enchanting glow on gardens and pathways, it also ensures the safety and security of your home while increasing its curb appeal. Homeowners and businesses can incorporate several notable lighting trends into their landscapes. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in landscape lights.

Integrated LED Landscape Lights

The era of halogen bulbs has taken a back seat, with LED lights gaining immense popularity in landscape lighting. LEDs are not just energy-efficient but also boast longer lifespans. Their compact size and adaptability make them ideal for various landscaping designs. Whether you want to illuminate a garden statue, cast light on your pool, or highlight an architectural feature, integrated LED fixtures are your go-to solution.

Subtle Hues

In the past, outdoor lighting often involved piercingly bright and intense landscape lights. These often left your landscape feeling stark and overly illuminated. However, the current trend leans towards soft, warm, and golden hues that emulate the glow of candlelight or the sunset. These tones offer a welcoming ambiance to your outdoor spaces, making them cozy and inviting.

Shadowing & Silhouetting Techniques

Lighting techniques play a significant role in setting the mood of a space. Shadowing and silhouetting have taken center stage in current trends. By placing landscape lights between the main vantage point and an element of interest such as a tree or garden sculpture, you can create captivating shadows that add depth and intrigue to your landscape. Similarly, backlighting features against a wall or a fence produce dramatic silhouettes.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Linear & Path Lighting

While many people think of landscape lights primarily as tools to beautify outdoor spaces, their functionality goes well beyond mere aesthetics. They ensure safety while walking around your garden or following an entrance pathway at dusk or in the evening hours. Linear lights, often recessed into the ground, offer a streamlined and modern solution. They provide consistent illumination along pathways, driveways, or any area where foot traffic is prevalent. Unlike harsh overhead lights that can create distracting shadows, these ground-level lights produce a subtle glow allowing visitors to comfortably navigate your property without stumbling over unseen obstacles or uneven terrain.

Directional Uplighting

As the name suggests, directional uplighting is all about guiding a person’s gaze and spotlighting the standout features of a landscape. This lighting technique is specifically tailored to accentuate distinct elements within an outdoor setting, whether they be majestic trees, architectural details, or sculptural installations. The magic of directional uplighting lies in its strategic placement. When landscape lights are positioned at the base of these features and aimed skyward, a transformative effect occurs, magnifying the textures and details of the highlighted features that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Smart Landscape Lighting

Integration with smart home systems is becoming standard. Homeowners can now control their landscape lighting using smartphone apps, voice commands through smart assistants or even automation systems. Imagine having your garden lights dim slowly as the evening progresses or turning on automatically when someone approaches the entrance. 

Landscape Lighting by David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors

Landscape lighting isn’t just about illumination. It's about artistry, safety, and technology combined. Professionally installed landscape lights can transform outdoor spaces, providing security, enhancing beauty, and upping the curb appeal of homes and businesses. As the trends evolve, the essence remains the same: to create a harmonious balance between light and shadow, making your outdoor spaces come alive.

Landscape Lighting

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