Hardscape Design Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

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Hardscapes are non-living outdoor structures or elements, typically made of wood or masonry materials. They are often considered to be the foundation of your outdoor living space, such as a deck or patio. Actually they can be so much more than that. Hardscape design impacts your landscape both aesthetically and functional. There are many different types of hardscape materials and an endless number of structures or elements that can be created with them.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscape Materials

Bricks are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They blend well with most settings and they can be arranged so many different ways creating interesting and beautiful patterns.

Poured Concrete is durable and one of the simplest options, especially for DIY projects. If you have existing concrete in need of a facelift there are color bonding projects that will give it new life.

Concrete Pavers come in many shapes and styles, including those that simulate natural stone. Stronger than brick, they form an interlocking surface.

Stone lends a natural rugged charm to any outdoor space. Even when cut from the same boulder, pieces of stone can be unique and vary widely in color and design.  Pavers made from various types of stone are also available.

Gravel is the most economical hardscape option and can add a certain organic charm to some landscapes. While it does compact well, with heavy use gravel requires regular maintenance such as smoothing and additional layers.

Outdoor tiles are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They provide a smooth surface and are easy to clean.

Wood or Timber is often referred to as decking because it makes for an easy-to-construct deck or patio. Recycled and manufactured wood-alternative materials are also available.

Hardscape Design to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Hardscape Features

Expand Your Living Space by using hardscape materials to create open air outdoor living spaces such as outdoor kitchens or seating areas. Hardscape materials can be used to create a base or floor for your outdoor space as well as other features.

Direct Traffic by using hardscape materials to create sidewalks and pathways. These can lead from the street to your front door or from your back door to your outdoor kitchen or pool. They can be practical, made of poured concrete or created with interlocking pavers in an eye-catching pattern.

Define an Area with borders, retaining walls and fences constructed using hardscape materials. These elements can clearly define areas such as flower beds, the border of your property or an area for entertaining and relaxing.

Create Privacy with a hardscape structure. Whether you are building an outdoor shower enclosure or adding a bit of seclusion to an outdoor seating area with some lattice work, outdoor areas can be enhanced by adding a little privacy.

Add Some Shade with a pergola or a gazebo as well as some charm and character. The resident chef will have enough heat coming off the grill without adding the heat from the sun. A pergola over the outdoor kitchen will provide a welcome respite.

Add Color and Texture to your landscape with hardscape materials. Both manufactured or natural, stone and pavers have a variety of different shapes and colors. Wood can be stained or painted in different shades and concrete can be color bonded.

Maintenance is Decreased by reducing the amount of your lawn in your outdoor space. If you are looking for less maintenance and more free time, adding hardscaping can help.

Hardscape design and elements can be practical or just pretty, sometimes they can be both. Whatever the purpose of the hardscape elements you choose, they can greatly improve the appearance your outdoor living space. Designed properly, hardscaping can create a seamless transition between your home’s interior and exterior.

David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors have over 30 years of experience in hardscape design. They have experience with patios, pools, fireplaces, living areas, outdoor kitchens and more. Whatever you can dream up, they can design and build. Contact us and let’s collaborate.



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